*0UTERGR0UND      RAILR0AD*
       *XoV$tdoorGROUND     RAILROADX* +{

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"BEFORE THE ANTHROPOCENE" the sequel/prequel/postquel of Jefferson Vimana's 2010 corrupted digital art-file dreamspell  film "ANTHROPCOSMOS THE MOVIE" ~ while Anthropocosmos The Movie fell right into the crest of VHS damaged art & was released on purple & green VHS tapes, Before the Anthropocene remains in question as to what medium it will be disseminated to the public upon but rumours currently hold that there is expected to be exceptionally degraded generation overdubbed VHS tapes buried around Sydney, Melbourne, & various cities across America to be discovered years from now possibly never* While both are subversive & mind numbing commentary on human relation to physical reality & the possibilities of teleportation, they are also secret documentary films about "The IMMAGINARIUM" which was a long running house venue & psychedelic palace often for more obscure touring acts that the locals refuse to book ~ Both movies feature scenes constructed from various experimental means of bad amateur documentary film aesthetics sewn into conceptual & blissful sequences* Jefferson has a long history of experimental film techniques practiced up for over 2 decades much of which include absurdist structuralist like views on documenting the future {the present} as well as proactive exploration in the swamps with his nature & live music documentation friends to explore wildlife that bleeds through* There is no promise of a 3rd movie, but legend has it that much of the mysteries left unfinished from the two moving lifeform versions of Jefferson's visual & audio art lie buried in a ceiling somewhere in the southern states of America* Along with the movie is to come an hour long epic written from a recording taken just hours before the 2 plus year demolition of the Immaginarium began* BEFORE THE ANTHROPOCENE is time sensitive art that has taken over 3 years to complete due to various circumstances that aid to the film's confusion, which sets out to explains how curiosities that where left untouched in ANTHROPOCOSMOS and confuses timelines by going into the history & ongoing mystery of portals that centre around these films* 
                                                    "BEFORE    THE    ANTHROPOCENE"      "ANTHROPOCOSMOS   THE   MOVIE"
                                                                                                                                                                            SENTUAL SOUNDTRACK  MOMENTS: 


Jefferson explores a love for all mediums & sets out to create imagery speaking through reflecting an energy transference from the "place" it was uncovered in spacetime to the given medium to the viewer* 
Within most visual work lies Colour
Xerox including oversize, colour separation & dated CMYK printers, RisoGraph printing, Texter/Marker {knock off brand Sharpie as well as microns} illustrations & psychedelic line work, Fabric Markers, glitter gel pens,  acrylic paint & aerosols, paper collage, photoshop & MS paint, occasional watercolour or food colouring dyes, & instillation work often using fabrics & found objects as extensions to a life long obsession with interior decorating which crosses the full spectrum from designing furniture to meticulous arrangement of objects in harmonic relationships through symbolism & deep associative experiences of the given objects' histories* "Outerground Railroad" as a name originated in 2005 as a psychic board game of 44 front & back full colour pages with a full colour deck of cards & enlarged poster 'game board' ~ the idea was that one can play the "game" by making connections to it through personal experiences with the artworks to harness a modern form of divination of sorts* It is still a practice used by Jefferson today often through the use of vague maths, usually algebra focusing on congruencies ~ abstraction through logic* Yet all works intend this as a secondary meta data as most all works are designed to be absorbed emotionally as a whole for what they are* The nature of such involvement within these works is not driven for sake of eccentric aesthetic, more a worthy "throw" from homebase of its position within time on the 3rd dimensional plane upon which it is grounded INTO  a sort of realm of virtual & interpretive speculation* Much artwork does this & plays into reoccurring themes with the relationship between artists & their ongoing efforts to create physical objects* Jefferson just puts extra attention to the mechanics of how the process seems to be a puzzle that unfolds & how giving attention to this process fractal like congruencies & any synchronistic patterns that can be identified ,& can be helpful devices in foretelling or platforms for divination, but more casually make for a natural form that often allows for a modern use of the golden mean or other hidden codes one can relate to*  Much of these structures & experiences of sacred form are not actually seen as in terms of exact illustration as they are felt & acted out through the carving of energies with intent during the creative process that are considered a heavy element of activating the work* One may not fine such artworks to hold vibrant prowess of some seemingly supersticious sort ~ like that of a spell or have you ~ but Jefferson maintains that an ongoing involvement with the spirit of the work continues to evolve the state of it in its physical standing & that upholding relationship of its logevity ~ The difference between a painting that slowly decays over centuries versus the restoration of the work changing it through maintaining its livlihood and to a fair degree altering it into a new spirit that is sought through seeking the original spirit* This contact with paranormal concepts through the physical realm where one tries to maintain close to the spirit is embedded within the living nature of how many instillations change over time ~ also many new works such as a collage can become a new growth by mulching old works ~ a heavy emphasis on cell by cell construction demands this in Jefferson's process ~ such as making collage works after creating prints to work from instead of just any found imagery ~ the use of deconstructing left over unspent energies into a new formula of more powerful content given its accumulated meta data combined with the general desire to go the extra mile ~ The long road is more rewarding and when at all possible the creation of everything from scratch and assembled piece by piece to errect the dream pays off not just for the satisfaction of the relevance to being worthy of dying for, but for the energy transference to the one whom partakes as well* All of which in fitting together the bigger picture and then on the great picture of pictures within pictures and reoccuring cyclical ricochets of nature and one's grand environment* Often the "puzzle" has to be meditated on before "proceeding" further with the "game", or even seasonal change can effect the next stage of development ~ all of which becomes "encoded" into the story of the work through it's creation* A rabbit hole if you will* The end result however is often preferred not to be valued as a sort of grandiose process of stylized art, but rather a seasonal effort towards continuing to breathe the latest relevant styles & functional ideas for the immediate community to work towards in exercising ways to entercommuincate together to try to deal with our ever shapeshifting realities* Much of Jefferson's art work does not aspire to the art community as much as it does to the masses through intent despite the non-overexposed demographs of select galleries and house venues that Vimana works with on occasions in hopes to stay in close contact with the heart of communities which spring forth the ideas rooted in pure intention* With strategic use of imagery to effect people on various levels, utopian love can potentially spread faster to greater audiences than through a rigid straight and narrow path toward career & name building  often creating the echo chamber of laughs ~ all of this sounds quite naive of course but this is the nature of playing Outerground Railroad is giving such a fair shot attempt that which can in dream scenariotrickle upwards to a collective unconsciousness* The best example is Jefferson's ongoing role with oversized prints in creating wall posters ~ the first series of which in 2001 was intended to be marketed to college dorm rooms as a place where impresionable information from open hearts allows forth in new experiences & suggestability * A lot of ideologies employed are downplaying prestige & permanence* The nature of games always plays into the search for meaning in that life is a stage & the questioning of how serious certain aspects of existence {such as art} must be taken* Many mediums & imagery that are at stake strive to inspire youth & conjure an essence of what one could suggest as "purity" or a desire for "clarity" ~ {or  unexpected "ART" }~ Much of recent years has focused on Ultra Violet printing & drawings as well as several self learned methods for 3D glasses reactive art  not only for the sake of conjuring a childlike enthusiasm for cross pollinating audiences but to mimic pop culture and its recent relevance with Hollywood's 3D trending **Yet the works tend to never be completely abandoning to the elites and the critics as one could argue that much of Jefferson's work is derived from contemporaries as an almost commentary towards them only out of hopes to push spirits into the next year at worst & the new paradigm at dream scenario*  Possibly best phrased as subversive pop art as the majority of the pop nature is hidden within a purist exploration into experimental print techniques stemmed from omnipresent branding ones to create absolute work that stands on its own as 21st century attempts at documentation of sheer emotional concentration density that reflects an ever constricting world *Jefferson's musical endeavours are equally as holistic & eclectic instrumentation & production wise* The sounds tend to fall heavy on rhythm & anaolog as well as virtual synthesis and like much visual work most often somewhat maximalist in composition in striving to create something simplistic and "there" for the listener* Without delving into a wealth of outerstanding as to how & why, it can be best left that most of Jefferson's solo work is the auditorial counterpart to the visual element in its intent yet more physically involved* Solo & group efforts to create music or "amusic" have a heavy tone of leaving one's world behind to learn as one walks through the realm of the alter spheres or what most may call The Heavens ~ although some may think this description sounds as guided meditation or music for astral projection , It is more involved & emotional using sound design & waveforms to push the physical body into a harmonious or even manic state that allows the listener to hear their life objectively & give or take the listeners' trust within themselves, potentially go as far as to step out & look back at the world ~ *Yet all while attempting to make cohesive song structures while again occasionally downplaying auditorial aesthetic by use of lo-fi recordings* Jefferson has been making/studying music & art for over 30 plus years and has taught both as well as science for a Nasa franchise ~ Jefferson continues to teach music today and has plans to further continue his teachings in self made techniques of creating 3D artwork to help open young artists' visualization toolbox* Dream scenario Dream scenario Dream scenario Dream Scenario Dream scenario DREAM SCENARIO DREAM SCENARIO DREAM SCENARIO DREAM SCENARIO

the "Outerground Railroad" is a fountain that which all people can draw from no matter our original or present state*A place between life and death where we all experience the same bliss through the same pain that is the confusion of life, deep in our imaginations where we can always rely upon to draw truth and purity from nomatter our situation* A place that we can escape to in times of extreme overstimulous and overall stripping of our natural environments* Forms of nature that lie within us beyond the material world* Jefferson Mayday Mayday does not seek to attain ownership of this architecture within and abound, but rather wishes to champion it to bring awareness to the abilities of people to see their own capabilities, to seek heaven and find their way out of the perils that life and the powerful enslave upon us all* Freedom for all!!!!!

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                                                                                          ANTHROPOCOSMOSIC  VIDEO WORLD BY JEFFERSON VIMAN

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